Association of Running Clubs

ARC is the fully democratic and accountable governing body for running clubs, providing what they need at lower cost and without unnecessary regulation or paper heavy systems

Who are ARC?

The Association of Running Clubs (ARC) acts as a governing body for its affiliated clubs and associates.

The main benefit to the member organisations is to provide third party liability insurance cover for the permitted race and also insurance for daily running and training activity for the affiliated running clubs.

The affiliated organisations also benefit from guidance how to organise a quality running event to the ARC Minimum Standards of race Organisation.

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Association of Running Clubs

Annual Affiliation Fees – We keep annual affiliation fees as low as possible
Race Permits – we will issue race permits upon receipt of satisfactory applications
Race Fees – Affiliated Clubs and Associates pay a fee for each permit issued with nothing further to pay after the race
Minimum Bureaucracy – we don't require the personal details of your club members
No Unnecessary Controls – we will provide liability insurance for your run leaders, coaches and officials who are qualified by experience
Advice and Guidance – on matters relevant to your activities
Full Democratic Control – Directors will be elected by the affiliated clubs

Who may affiliate to ARC? - ARC is an affiliating body for clubs and associations whose principal activity is road and/or cross country and/or fell and/or trail running and/or walking (i.e. all the non stadia disciplines). Clubs whose principal activity is track and field athletics can affiliate to ARC if they cater for road running activities.

What benefits are provided by ARC to its affiliates? - ARC have a comprehensive civil liability policy with a sports insurance specialist broker. The cover is similar to that provided to other sports governing bodies for which they also act as brokers. The policy covers races organised by affiliated clubs and affiliated organisations. These races require a permit which will be issued by ARC following receipt of a satisfactory online Permit Application. As part of this process Race Organisers must confirm that their race will comply with certain standards. ARC will also provide advice and assistance to its affiliates and undertake other tasks as required by its membership.